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Chimney Pot Replacement

When was the last time you stopped for a moment and looked at your chimney stack/chimney pot?

As a professional chimney sweeping company, here at Howards (Tarleton) it is second nature to spend all our days looking up chimneys and at chimney stacks, after all, we have been doing this for almost 60 years.

So, what are we looking for? Well, if you chimney pot is leaning badly or you can see cracks or daylight through it, the chances are it will need replacing sharpish. We have seen cases in the past where we have literally removed chimney pots and bricks with our bare hands, and with very little effort, because the mortar holding them together had all but disappeared due to the passage of time. Now that really is scary!!

Bird in Chimney Pot

Two examples above of just how dangerous chimney pots can be especially if they go unnoticed

What are the functions of a chimney pot?

  • Basically, a chimney pot is an extension on the top of a chimney. The functional purpose of a chimney pot is to create a taller smokestack and a better draft for combustion, because fire needs oxygen to burn and produce heat. If your chimney pot is damaged, cracked or missing, this may well have an adverse effect on the performance of your appliance
  • Weather Exposure. A chimney pot is open at one end and attaches to the top of the chimney stack. The pot is almost always tapered but can be any shape — round, square, pentangular, octangular, or sculpted. The Dictionary of Architecture and Construction defines a chimney pot as A cylindrical pipe of brick, terra-cotta, or metal placed atop a chimney to extend and thereby increase the draft.
  • Prevents Rain. A chimney pot helps reduce rain ingress from flowing down inside the stack, which can damage your chimney and the interior or of your property, as well as potentially damaging the appliance.
  • Reduces Wind .Wind can create downdrafts if a chimney isn’t  situated correctly. This can cause blasts of cold air to enter your home, potentially blowing soot and smoke back into the building, as well as other dangerous fumes or carbon monoxide

Chimney Pots 1

Here are just a few examples of the work we can carry out to keep chimneys in top working order

Often throughout the year, birds will drop seeds into the mortar joints of the chimney stack which over time will start to grow wild and potentially weaken the integrity of the stack/pot.

Chimney Pots 2

Weeds are unsightly in any location, but you certainly do not want them in your chimney stack. Any form of plant life growing between bricks is a sure sign that the mortar is crumbling away. Left to their own devices, plant roots can force bricks apart and cause severe damage. And this can also be relevant to redundant chimneys, so just because you do not have a working appliance, do not assume your chimney will not need attention

Summer is the best time to get this type of work carried out. Usually professional chimney sweeps are not quite as busy, and often the weather is on our side. Certainly not advisable to leave until the winter months.

Chimney stacks are often the most neglected part of a property, and with years of wind, sun, rain, snow, and frost can develop serious and potentially expensive faults.

Howard’s (Tarleton) carry full liability insurance and as well as being Master Chimney Sweep members of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, we are also HETAS registered and Gas Safe registered, as well as being Ladder and Roof Safety qualified. We have been doing what we do for almost 60 years. Furthermore, we have strict procedures in place for carrying out chimney related work to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the process.

All this for your added peace of mind and safety.

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