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Multi-Fuel Stoves and Wood Burning Stoves

07 July, 2020
What Is the Difference Between Them?  At Howards (Tarleton), we install many different makes and models of appliances throughout the year. Customer often say they have bought a “Wood...
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Chimney Lining for Solid Fuel Appliances/Stoves

29 June, 2020
What is a Chimney Liner and Why Do I Need One? A chimney liner, also known as flue liner, is a flexible metal tube used for relining traditional masonry...
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Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Stove – Service and Maintenance

22 June, 2020
Is Your Stove Looking Tired and Neglected? Howards (Tarleton) offer a full stove maintenance service, in addition to stove fitting, chimney lining and sweeping chimneys A good quality stove...
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Smoke Testing of Chimneys & Flues

15 June, 2020
What is A Smoke Test, and Why Do I Need One? Here at Howards (Tarleton) we get hundreds of calls from customers each year asking us to check if...
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08 June, 2020
What is the difference between a Chimney Cowl and a Bird Guard? Why do I need to have one fitted? Here we will try and explain. When we get...
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Chimney Pot Replacement

01 June, 2020
When was the last time you stopped for a moment and looked at your chimney stack/chimney pot? As a professional chimney sweeping company, here at Howards (Tarleton) it is...
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Bird Nests and Vermin Removal

23 May, 2020
If you have seen birds hopping in and out of your chimney, the likelihood is there will be a nest blocking the flue. This may well be a chimney...
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Just Moved into A New Property or About to Do So? First Time Buyers?

16 May, 2020
Does your new or potential property have that open fireplace or wood burning stove you have always longed for? If you are about to move property or have just...
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How Do I Know When My Chimney Needs Sweeping?

10 May, 2020
Any appliance burning wood, coal or smokeless fuel should be swept at least annually, but you need to keep an eye out for signs that your chimney is not...
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