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Carbon Monoxide is “The Invisible Killer”

19 November, 2020
Too many individuals still die each year in the UK from CO poisoning. Do you have a working carbon monoxide (CO) alarm? If not, WHY NOT Taking Place between...
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COVID-19 Customer Information

04 September, 2020
Howards (Tarleton) wish to assure all our customers that we take safety very seriously, and have strict safety procedures in place to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)...
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How Much Creosote and Tar is in Your Chimney?

14 August, 2020
The 3 Stages and Associated Dangers Most homeowners will realise that the thought of a build-up of creosote and tars inside a chimney is likely to be dangerous. It can cause...
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26 July, 2020
Yes, is the simple answer, providing the species is dry. You may have been informed that these types of wood cause “tar” or “sap” problems in chimneys, but it...
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Bird nests in your chimney

12 July, 2020
Birds nests in chimneys can be a BIG problem. Your local professional Chimney Sweep can help. ❗ Do not light the fire and try to “smoke them out”. You are...
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Multi-Fuel Stoves and Wood Burning Stoves

07 July, 2020
What Is the Difference Between Them?  At Howards (Tarleton), we install many different makes and models of appliances throughout the year. Customer often say they have bought a “Wood...
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Chimney Lining for Solid Fuel Appliances/Stoves

29 June, 2020
What is a Chimney Liner and Why Do I Need One? A chimney liner, also known as flue liner, is a flexible metal tube used for relining traditional masonry...
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Wood Burning / Multi-Fuel Stove – Service and Maintenance

22 June, 2020
Is Your Stove Looking Tired and Neglected? Howards (Tarleton) offer a full stove maintenance service, in addition to stove fitting, chimney lining and sweeping chimneys A good quality stove...
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Smoke Testing of Chimneys & Flues

15 June, 2020
What is A Smoke Test, and Why Do I Need One? Here at Howards (Tarleton) we get hundreds of calls from customers each year asking us to check if...
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